Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners


I’ve been approached by friends who were at their breaking point with life’s stresses. They would ask me how they go about meditating. They would try to just sit quietly and their mind’s would start to wander or they would say to themselves “Clear your mind” and of course when you say that to yourself, what happens? You think of anything and everything. Then they would give up because they just can’t do it the right way.

Does that sound familiar? Relax, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to share with you the best meditation techniques for all beginners. They are so simple and perfect and much-needed when life tends to over-complicate things.


Find a Comfortable SpotFinding a Comfortable Spot


You must find a spot where you can be alone and undisturbed throughout your meditation. The last thing you want to hear is kids screaming about, your husband asking where something is or the TV blaring in the background. Where there is quiet, there is peace.

Maybe it’s the bath tub, a bed, a recliner, a hammock outside, a couch in the basement. Whatever place you choose will be your sacred space to begin meditation. After practicing meditation in this spot a few times you will begin to notice that as soon as you even think about your sacred space it will start to bring you feelings of relaxation and peace.

Bring your personal energy to your space and make it your own. How fun would it be to choose the basement as your space because it’s quiet only the room has unfinished concrete walls, corners of darkness and dusty cobwebs upping the creep factor?

First and foremost you should clean the space from top to bottom. Take pride in your new space. When cleaning, think to yourself as you breath in: I am cleaning and getting ready to introduce this sacred space to me, and as you breathe out: This will be my lovely space.

Warm up your space and balance the concrete industrial-feeling with curtains, twinkle lights or moroccan lanterns, a shag rug, oversized pillows, and beautiful flowers or other plant life. A coat of white paint would definitely warm and brighten it up as well.


Living in The Present MomentMeditation For Beginners

Mindfulness energy helps us in becoming aware of the present moment. We live so much of our lives thinking about the past and so much time thinking of what we want in our future, that we are barely aware of the present moment. The past has already been and cannot be changed no matter how much we think of it and we are not promised any time in the future. To realize that the present moment is all that there is can be a life-changing journey in itself.

When we concentrate on the present, we are practicing mindful awareness. The easiest way to practice mindfulness is to start to become aware of your breath. Concentrate on your in-breath and out-breath.

When you bring focus and concentration to any action or feeling you have, that is mindfulness. Practice it as you get ready for your day.

Insight happens with concentration on your in-breath and out-breath. Let’s say you have the feeling of anger and cannot shake it. Stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to practice the mindfulness of your breathing. You can gain incredible insight that will transform your anger to feelings of deep understanding and compassion, or even love.


Meditation Breathing TechniqueMonk In Meditation


Did you know just by reading the above, you have already started meditating? During the cleaning process, when breathing in and out while thinking to yourself about your sacred space, you were already practicing the art of mindfulness and living in the present moment. Give yourself koodo’s for that!

The following meditation techniques are from reading many books from monk, author, poet, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and human rights activist, Thich Nhat Hahn. He has an onslaught of material you would find incredibly healing. Some of my favourites are How To Walk, How To Eat, The Art of Communicating and The Energy of Prayer.

Sit or lay comfortably and practice saying the following to yourself:

In-breath: I am breathing in

Out-breath: I am breathing out

Do this for 5 breaths to get familiar with mindfulness of the present moment.


In-breath: I breathe in slowly and deeply

Out-breath: I breathe out slowly and deeply

Do this to help quiet and calm your mind. It is incredibly healing.


In-breath: My body is calm

Out-breath: I feel at ease

You will notice your body relax immediately. The tension in your face and shoulders dissipate. Feel your muscles relax throughout your entire body.


In-breath: I smile

Out-breath: I release

When you smile, endorphins rush through your body and make you feel great. When you smile, you feel happy and calm. This elevates your vibrational frequency. When you release, you feel all the old, stagnant and ill-serving energies and emotions leave your body. It makes you feel lighter and brighter.


In-breath: I’m living in the present moment

Out-breath: It is a wonderful moment

Living in the present moment offers much healing and insight to you. It will elevate your energy and make you feel calm and peaceful.


Meditation Visualization TechniqueVisualization Meditation

The following technique is my own personal meditation I created that can help with healing and raising your vibration.

Imagine a blank, void space. You see a light in the distance. You feel so free and as light as air that you easily move toward it. This Light is every loving feeling you can possibly imagine. The Light is over-powering with unconditional love. Picture the details of this it. It more powerful than the sun, but somehow it doesn’t hurt your eyes. It feels so warm, comforting and inviting and it touches your soul. It soothes every ache and pain you have in your body. The Light is God/Source Energy.

In-breath: I let the healing light wash over me

Out-breath: I let the negative emotions wash out of me

Like liquid white gold, the Light starts to envelop you starting at the top of your head. You feel it washing and cleaning debris from every cell and filling it with warm and vibrant energy. It heals the cells as it moves. You see it move down your forehead, relaxing your face and removing any toxic thoughts from your brain. It fills your head with brilliant healing energy and moves downward.

The Light is at your throat. See it and hear it filling up with God’s energy as it moves through every cell. See it remove shyness and arrogance and replace them with words of kindness and positivity.

It is now at your heart. As it fills, notice your heartaches disappear beneath the golden healing Light and is replaced with love and self-love. Spend as much time as you need here. It is incredibly powerful. Some people cry and release pent-up emotions. This is normal.

The loving Light fills your chest and diaphragm. It fills your cells with self-esteem and will power. You didn’t notice you were tense until you started to feel the Light relax you.

Moving down to your stomach, the loving Light fills you with creative and healthy energies. It removes repressed creativity and emotional isolation. You feel the tense anxiety and nervousness there replaced with the love of God. It heals any gut issues you have as it fills every cell in your microbiome.

The beautiful white Light finally makes its way to the base your spine. It cleanses away scattered energies and fears. The Light heals this area and fills it with safety, security and stability.

See the Light make its way down your legs and envelop every muscle fiber. Make sure to concentrate on seeing it fill areas of concern and discomfort as it washes away debris in the old cells.

Feel the effects of your overall body. The healing energy has elevated your spirit. Thank God/Source Energy for this amazing gift and blessing.

Bring your focus back to the present space and time and open your eyes when you are ready.


You can practice this exercise for as long as you want. Sometimes I do it in a span of 5 minutes and sometimes I can sit for over an hour and feel the loving Light of Home surrounding me.


A Healing Experience


Many people have had much success with this practice and have experienced emotional symptoms such as euphoria, feeling heartache or depression leave their body, or have felt so much emotion that their body cannot contain it so they weep. This is perfectly normal and cathartic. It’s wonderful to shed those layers and release the emotions.

You can feel physical symptoms as well, like the warmth of the light energy as it touches you or an overall buzzing to your body. Some feel elevated, lighter and brighter. That’s because you are elevated to a higher frequency. All of these symptoms are valid and unique to the individual.

These meditations are incredibly healing and transformative. Take your time and don’t rush it.


Peace and Blessings,



4 thoughts on “Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners”

  • WoW.! that is amazing! Also your website is very soothing to the eyes. It is easy to read and the pictures bring to life what you are saying. I really appreciate the explanation of the how to meditate. I have been struggling with this for a while. Now I have your website to go to and try it step by step. Great Job.


    • Hi Nelcea,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed Meditation Techniques for Beginners. This particular post took me a few days to write all because I’ve been hunting down the perfect pictures to reflect the subject, so thank you for noticing that. I hope to write more regarding meditation as it’s near and dear to me and has helped to heal me in mind, body and spirit and I want to help as much people as I can along their own healing path.
      Peace and Blessings to you <3

  • Awesome. It is a must try activity. I haven’t tried doing this, but now, I am thinking of trying this very relaxing activity. I like how you explain the full details of meditation and also how the body benefits from it.

    • Thanks so much Raquel.
      I’m happy you’re going to try it. Some people think “I don’t have time”. What people don’t realize is that they don’t need an hour, it can be done anytime and anywhere and in just a few minutes. Meditation visualization is so versatile you can do it in the shower!
      We need to start putting ourselves first. We deserve to look and feel our best so we can exude confidence and light in the world. 🙂
      Have a great day!

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