How To: Relax In A Bath


Prepping for a BathIt seems like a simple task, however many people just don’t know how to enjoy relaxation. One of the best ways to learn to relax is while you are having a bath. Soaking in a clean warm and bubbly tub can be a blissful experience. There are a few things you should consider to get the most out of your bath time.


Start With A Blank Canvas

The first step is to tidy up your bathroom.

Clean Bath Tub

  • Put toys away if you have kids- There isn’t anything relaxing about soaking in a tub with a mess of toys on the sides and floor. Put them under the sink or in a bucket for later. This is your time to bathe.
  • Sweep and mop the floor – the last thing you want to do after getting out of the tub is step on a dirty floor! Imagine finishing your bath time and you gracefully step onto a nail clipping or your shedded hair!
  • Deal with odours – You don’t need any bad smells permeating the room so do what you need to do to take care of the smells: take the garbage out, clean the toilet and put a toilet freshener in it.
  • Scrub the tub and tile – Hopefully you want to relax in a pristine tub. Use rubber gloves, a cleansing or disinfecting spray and a magic eraser or scouring pad to get rid of all the calcium and soap scum build-up. Don’t forget to rinse the product used with water afterwards.

Your canvas is now blank! Onto the next step!


It’s All About the AmbianceRelax In A Bathtub

The atmosphere or ambiance of the bath tub as your sacred space is just as important as using any other room. You have to make it your own. Give it a mood by the decor you choose. You’re probably thinking ‘What decor? A rubber ducky and a loofah?’ Maybe. If that’s what brings you joy and relaxation then sure.

Remember, this is time of relaxation. Giving yourself this spa-like gift is very healing to the body and soul. Choose your decor with what makes you feel pampered and at ease.


Bring in the Elements

I always remember to include the elements when I bathe and meditate or do a spa treatment. It balances the atmosphere.
Since you already have water, we don’t need any other features for that element, but here are some ideas for the others:

Earth – Bring in a fern or something else green, your favourite flowers, or use rose petals in the tub with you

Air – Include a fan, some chimes, diffusers, or some spa music

Fire – Candles or you may also try incense or a diffuser for that perfect glow


Use all your senses

When are you in your most comfortable state? Have you ever realized or noticed? Finding the perfect items to enhance and apply all of your senses can bring you to a state of comfort and well-being.


  • Bubble Bath – Who doesn’t picture bubbles when they think of having a bath? Buy some wonderful bubble bath and squeeze a couple tablespoons under the running water.
  • Candlelight – Nothing sets the mood like a few delicately scented candles glowing in your sacred space.
  • Rose petals – I’ve mentioned in a previous post that you can buy bags of rose petals from your local florist for a relatively cheap price. One place I lived charged me only $2.00/bag. Store them in the fridge and they will last a few days.
  • Bath bombs– There are fun varieties of fizzy bath bombs on the market. Some have added moisturizers and butters as well. Try to find scented ones that you really enjoy.


  • Fruit infused water – Nothing beats a big glass of spring water infused with lemon and mint leaves. You can also add berries or cucumber. Whatever your hearts desire.
  • Fresh fruit – Add some fresh strawberries to a bowl or slice up some apples, pears or oranges.
  • Your favourite tea – While vacationing in BC, I was in the mall and suddenly there was this irresistible, almost hypnotic cinnamon smell that made me stop in my tracks and follow my nose to Teavana. After sampling it, I bought the biggest tin they had. The tea is called Maharaja Chai Oolong & Samurai Chai Mate. Sometimes I just open the tin to inhale it. I think I’m addicted!



  • Relaxing playlist – I personally listen to Spotify. I search playlists I like, but on my heavy rotation is one called ‘sleep’ which I play for meditation, bath time and for sleeping, naturally. You can also search for ‘spa’ or ‘classical lullabies’ or even ‘guided meditation’.
  • A nature sound machine – I really enjoy these sound machines, and used to have one in my spa room. The sound of birds chirping, waves crashing, rain falling are ultimately relaxing.


  • Fresh, soft towels – Spend the extra money on the softest and most luxurious towels you can find.
  • Bathrobe – Find a nice plush bathrobe that will feel wonderful against your skin
  • Body scrub – After you’re done relaxing in the tub, you can do a light scrub of your body to slough off the dead skin cells. Concentrate on knees, elbows, hands and feet. You’ll be amazed at how silky and soft they feel afterwards.
  • Body moisturizer – To keep the moisture locked in from soaking in the tub, try a body butter moisturizer as they are richer than a basic lotion.
  • Hot steam towels – Buy a pack of white spa towels, roll them and place in an insulated lunch bag, not kidding, it’s a great trick we used in a small spa I worked. Boil the kettle and then pour the water slowly over the towels, careful not to over-saturate. The towels should stay hot for the duration of your tub time as long as they stay in the closed insulated bag. Once you are relaxed in the tub, get a towel and unroll it. Check the temperature with your wrist. If the towel is too hot, open it up and shake in the air for a few seconds. Place on your face while avoiding your nose. You haven’t felt bliss until you have tried this.


  • Incense – Some people love the aroma of incense and with so many fragrances, you will find the right scent for you. Light a stick, cone or beads and let it fill the room.
  • Wax melts – Add some delicately scented wax melts to your wax melt warmer. Scents that will enhance relaxation are lavender and lemongrass.
  • Fruit – Slice up some fruit like lemon or oranges and add it to your bath. It is truly invigorating!

Oranges in Tub


Envision Positive Energy

Remember to make your bath time your own. Your time to yourself should be sacred, with no interruption. This is a time of healing and renewal for yourself. Shed the negativity and stressors of the day and let it fall away.

Open yourself up to receive positive energy, the universal light energy, the white light of the Holy Spirit, the pure love of our True Home, the healing light of Love. Whatever you want to call this, it exists and is there whenever you need it. You just have to tap into it.

Healing Meditation Technique

Healing Thoughts

Quiet your mind.

Envision seeing a bright, white light in the distance. The light is the feeling of pure and unconditional love. This light is familiar to you. It’s because that’s what we are made of and that’s our true home. It is healing; it is God.

Envision it showering over your body starting at your crown chakra, going down your forehead over your eyes, nose, mouth. See it shower your throat and slowly go down your chest into your heart. See it fill your shoulders, arms and fingers. It feels like a warm, buzzing feeling of love. Let it wash over your abdomen and pelvis, legs and feet, down to your toes.

See it fill every cell of your body with a healing white light. Feel it instantly heal any ache or pain in your body. Feel the love this light has.

Practice this as long as you need.

I use this technique every time I have a bath and it helps me feel better. I always feel relaxed, loved and humbled. Every human being deserves to feel the healing light of love.


Peace and Blessings <3

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