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Meditation on MatThere has never been a time when more and more people are trying to find solace from their hectic lives than now. The busier we get the more we look for that quiet stillness that we desperately need to balance ourselves. Meditation room ideas are becoming more popular every day now that people realize the importance of having a space in their home where they can stop, take a breath and re-connect with their true selves.

Before we get into some meditation room ideas you must choose an area of your home, preferably an entire room, but it can be anywhere, including the bath tub. This space will feel right to you, because it has great energy and give you a feeling of comfort. Have you found it? Great, let’s prep your new sacred space.

Prepare Your Room

After you have chosen your space that you feel resonates some good energy, you can proceed with preparing your space.

  • Empty your space – Take out all unnecessary clutter out of your new-found space and find a new spot in your home for it.
  • Clean your space – Time for some ‘spring’ cleaning. Wash the walls, dust the cobwebs on the ceiling and in the corners, clean the windows and screen, sweep and mop the floor .

Choose Your Style

There are many examples here, but it is up to you to choose your own style. You must choose something that resonates with you, and something that can bring out the best in you and shows your own personality. These are just examples, take what you need and leave the rest.

What About the Elements?

indoor plant

Have you thought of bringing in the elements? I’m talking about earth, water, air and fire. Honor them, connect with them. Without these elements we wouldn’t exist. Bless them and thank them, or just make them present in your new meditation room. Here are some ideas of incorporating the elements:

  1. Earth – Bring in beautiful live plants. It refreshes any room to bring plant life into it. Think trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.
  2. Water – I like the idea of having a fountain in the room, even a small desk fountain. The sound is an added relaxation bonus. If the sound of running water makes you want to run to the bathroom, another idea is bringing in a copper or porcelain bowl and fill with fresh water and sprinkle flower petals on top.
  3. Air – It would be nice to have a small fan on in the room to get the air flowing. Stagnant air is stagnant energy. Open a window to bring in fresh air, and hang a bamboo chime by it for added comfort.
  4. Fire – This element brings the room its wonderful ambiance so use scented or unscented candles, incense, or try a Himalayan salt or quartz lamp.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Have you made your new meditation room your own? Great news, I’m so happy you’ve started on a path of balance, quiet, stillness, and healing.

Do you feel comfortable with your own meditations? If not, there are plenty of guided meditations on YouTube that can help you along while you make this journey to healing your inner-self.


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  • As a beginner in meditation this helps set me up for success. I have step 1 and 2 down with preparing my room. I havnt’t thought about my style and bringing in the elements yet, so this is very helpful. I would like to go with the idea you mentioned of installing a fountain. I’ve always liked the sound of the trickling water because it is very calming. I’m very good about keeping the air in the room fresh and couldn’t agree more about stagnant air being stagnant energy, there is something to be said about opening up the windows on a sunny day!

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