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How to Create Your Own Spa Room

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You may love the idea of creating your own sacred space and choosing a spa room as your overall theme, but you don’t know how to begin. Fortunately, I’ve worked in some of the best spas in western Canada and I can help you with that. Be prepared to take the steps you need on your sacred space journey.



Empty Your Designated Room/Space

I was using my spare room for everything: a dressing room, workout room, meditation room, reading room and office. No wonder I never felt energized after meditating because of all the jumbled energy in there! What I had to do is start from scratch. I put the dresser back in the bedroom, the elliptical back in the workout space in the basement, the office desk between the kitchen and living room and my book case in the living room.

First step, empty your room. What you will have to do is find a new space for most of the items you took out. If you are bringing back some of the items that go with your new theme, just set them aside for now.

At this point it is a great opportunity to purge some of your things. Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year? Do you have books that are collecting dust on the shelves? Give them away. I took my clothes and old sunglasses and some kids toys to our local women’s shelter and they were more than appreciative. It’s liberating to shed yourself of old materials and to give back to those in need. It makes your feel almost lighter and soothes the soul.

Is your space bare? Great! It’s your blank canvas!



Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

clean your space

A blank canvas should be totally free of any blemishes, and so should your new spa room. Have you ever been to a spa and as soon as you walk into a treatment room, you see cobwebs on the ceiling, dust on the baseboards and dirty, crud-covered windows? If so, then run! That sounds like a nightmare. You see where I’m going with this when I say, it’s all about the aesthetic of a room and presentation.

Here are some tips on prepping your space:

  • Sweep the ceiling – You will be amazed at all the unseen dust and webs that fall to the floor, also do the light fixtures
  • Remove marks or stains from walls using a Magic Eraser
  • Wash the walls – Use a microfiber mop for easiest solution, don’t forget to do the trim, baseboards and mouldings
  • Dust window frames
  • Wash windows – Clean the inside and outside of your windows and your room will be lit up with natural, warm light
  • Sweep and mop the floor

Does it smell fresh and new? Does it have great energy? This is a great start to your sacred space.



A Soothing Paint Color

choosing a paint color

Have you ever walked into a spa and seen a red or a black color on the walls? That sounds quite frightening. Different colors trigger different emotions.

When you choose a paint color, think of something that when you see it, you immediately feel relaxed. Blue tones promote relaxation and serenity, light greys create a calming environment, pink tones promote peace and tranquility, greens are used quite frequently in spas for their healing and restful responses. Choose a color that warms your heart.

Other tools for painting that you will need are:

  • spackle – to fill any tack marks or small holes in the walls
  • tarp or plastic sheeting – to cover your floor
  • sandpaper or orbital sander – after spackling, use sander to go over entire wall to prep and smooth it out
  • painter’s tape – use painters tape along the ceiling, window frames and base boards
  • brushes – choose a nylon angle brush
  • rollers and covers – get a high density shed-resistant roller cover
  • trays and liners – just make sure these are the same size as your roller as I’ve made that mistake
  • extension pole – for the height of your walls, you will need this, but my broom handle fit the roller perfectly
  • primer – just like when you paint your nails, you need to prime first; it helps the color adhere better

If you need some guidance about painting your room, please watch a How-To YouTube video. It will guide you along the way.



Choose a Signature Piece of Furniture

For a spa themed sacred space, choosing a piece of furniture should have certain qualities. It should be of great quality, aesthetically-pleasing, very comfortable and something that you resonate with.

Some examples of signature pieces are:

Spa Massage TableSpa Massage Table



Infrared Sauna


Massage ChairMassage Chair


Jet SpaHot Tub

I know some of the ideas may sound extra, but if you have the means to incorporate them in your mind, you deserve to incorporate them into your sacred space. The sky is the limit.



Choose Your Fabrics/Textures

When it comes to choosing your fabrics and textures, think of softness and luxury. The high end spas I worked with would replace linens and towels frequently, because after time massage oils would stain the linens and develop a rancid smell. Some small spas I worked with never replaced their linens and their businesses suffered and they couldn’t understand why. Always have a keen sense on room presentation. It’s all about the spa experience and every detail counts. Here are some ideas:

  • Cotton sheets with a high thread count
  • Cashmere velvet blanket
  • Sheepskin area rug
  • Sturdy bolsters (for under your knees)
  • Premium Turkish cotton towels
  • Gorgeous sheer drapes

Bathrobe and slippersSpa Bathrobe And Slippers

Rolled TowelsRolled Towels

Don’t those suggestions sound wonderful and make you want to fall asleep? …Me too.


Another important element for your room is a plant. A piece of nature will bring fresh energy to your room.Cacti Close Up



All About Lighting



Want that spa themed ambiance? It’s all in the lighting. The spa room should be dimly lit to create that spa-like atmosphere.

There are new smart lighting dim switch devices that you can install yourself and are very reasonably priced. Pot lighting is another example and very spa-like, however, you would need to hire an electrician.

Examples of different lighting pieces to add to your room:

Morrocan lantern

  • Chandelier
  • Moroccan Lantern
  • Wall Sconces
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendant lighting
  • Candles
  • Aroma diffusers
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Quartz Lamps




Spend Time With Accessories

Last but definitely not least are the accessories. Accessories in a spa room should be chosen carefully and kept to a minimum. There is something about clutter that gives me anxiety. Most of your accessories will come in forms of your textures and fabrics with throw blankets, rugs, cushions and lighting with candles or lamps.

Some examples to create a functioning spa are:

Facial Steamer

  • Facial steamer – use distilled water only
  • Facial machine – cleansing brush, exfoliation, suction, atomizer, high-frequency, magnification lamp and steam
  • Hot towel warmer – most relaxing part of a facial are the hot towels
  • Foot bath or basin – bath salts, rose petals and/or sliced lemons
  • Pedicure implements – rasp, callus remover, foot file, buffer, cuticle nippers toenail clippers, nail files, toe separators, double-sided nail cleaner and orange wood stick, nail polish, polish remover and lint-free pads
  • Facial products and serums
  • Body scrubs, masques, butters and massage oilsFoot Bath
  • Robe and rolled towels



  • Massage implements – you can relax by doing your own massage at home. Try these implements:
    1. Shiatsu kneading massage pillow
    2. Hand-held deep tissue massager
    3. Heated chair cushion massager
    4. Trigger point therapy self-massage tool
    5. Hot stones

Can you think of anything else that can comfort you in your sacred space spa room? Think of your senses.. We’ve talked about sight and touch with the lighting and textures, but what about smell, sound and taste?

Ideas for your sense of smell are:Flowers and Essential Oils

  • Fresh flowers
  • Essential oils
  • Wax melts
  • Incense
  • Aroma-therapy candles

One secret I will share when I was an esthetician is use some facial products to scent the room. There’s a product from Dermalogica called Soothing Additive that I would mix with hot water and would soak the hot towels in. It’s a mix of lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood and is great for sensitive skin. The scent would immediately envelop the whole room for the duration of the treatment… sigh…

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Let’s move to some ideas for sound:

  • A spa playlist from an app on your phone
  • Tibetan singling bowls
  • Sound maker that plays nature sounds
  • Water fountain





The sense of taste is easy:

Spa Water


Spa water – Spring water infused with cucumber, citrus, berries, mint leaves or whatever you desire







Arugula Avocado Appetizer


Fresh Fruits, Veggies or Appetizers – Prepare a treat of tomato, cucumber and avocado sandwiches







Lemon tea


I used to make a tea from scratch at one of the spas I worked with. It consisted of a base, like green tea leaves and I would add fresh-cut ginger slices, lemon slices along with organic honey. When serving my client they would always ask for the recipe.

How simple, yet satisfying.





You’re On Your Way

As you can see, there are so many options to personalize your space and like I said, the sky is the limit. You deserve to invest in yourself. Most people can’t ‘find the time’ to take care of themselves and they focus so much on other people that they eventually burn-out with their energy drained and depression ensues. Self-care is vital. Loving and honouring yourself is a form of self-respect, know that you deserve to look and feel your absolute best.

Peace and blessings.

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