The Art of Creating Your Own Sacred Space

Imagine coming home after another long, exhausting day of work and having a beautiful place where you can be alone to rest and re-charge. A zen-like atmosphere where you can let the stress and worries melt away as you enter into a state of total bliss… This is your sacred space.

As you sit back lavishly in a comfortable chair and listen to a spa playlist, you take a sip of hot lemon-ginger tea, and breathe a sigh of relief. The weight of the world has lifted off your shoulders. You enjoy the warmth of your tea by the dim light and scent of an aroma diffuser and votive candles. You smile. You know the truth. The only person who can take care of you is you. You don’t have an ounce of regret. You deserve this…

Coffee and Wooleys



Importance of having your own sacred space in today’s world

If you’re like the majority society, you’re no stranger to the hustle and bustle of daily life. With a few variations here is what it probably looks like:

  • Wake up to a blaring alarm clock
  • Try to squeeze in a workout, maybe?
  • Respond to emails, correspondence, etc.
  • Make breakfast for you and the family
  • Pack lunches for the kids
  • Race to work, praying you won’t be late
  • After a full day, you pick up kids from school or take them to their recreational activities
  • Prepare supper
  • Do the endless daily chores
  • Respond to more emails, notifications, etc.
  • Put the kids to bed
  • Finally fall asleep, thankful you survived another hectic day

Wow, I’m exhausted just writing that. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in a day to fit everything in that you need to do… never mind what you want to do…

I’m here to tell you that life does not have to be that hectic. We are not meant to be living life like we hit a ‘fast-forward’ button. We as a society need to stop, look around and enjoy what we do.

If you don’t create time for yourself, you will become more and more stressed, irritable, and will eventually burn out. That’s inevitable of life in the fast lane.

It’s time to have a new perspective.

You need your own space. Men have their ‘man caves’, what do you have? The kitchen? Ha! Nope, sorry. That’s not good enough. You need an escape from it all. A space of your very own.



Choosing the right space for youchoose your space

The first step in having a sacred space is to know you deserve it, the second step is finding it.

You need to carve out a part your home that will bring you the peace, comfort and joy that you deserve. A place that will be sacred to you. This space can be anywhere; a corner of a room, a den, the bathtub or even a whole room, if that’s a viable option.

When choosing your sacred space, you would want to achieve the following:

  1. It will belong to you and you alone
  2. It’s a spot where you won’t be disturbed
  3. It is away from the TV
  4. It’s a room that is warm and inviting or has the potential to be
  5. Choose a spot of your home that just feels ‘right’ or feels like it has good energy



Incorporating a holistic theme and whyHolistic Health and Healing

What holistic means is ‘characterized by the treatment of the whole person’. You want to take care of every area of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You need balance to be able to fully rest and recharge.

If you work one area of your life quite well, for example the physical side, sure you will look great, however you need to balance the other areas of your life so you will feel great too.

Are you working out on a regular basis? Are you eating healthy, nutritious foods? Are you attending church or do you have a spiritual service that you follow? Do you journal to purge yourself from negative emotions? Do you meditate? Do you practice yoga? Are you reading self-help books? Do you have Epsom salt baths and foot soaks?

Incorporate some of these in your space to help bring balance back in your life.



Selecting your decor

Decor Ideas

Working in the spa industry for many years, I understood the importance of balance and of making the atmosphere look

aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Use your five senses when selecting your decor:

  • Sight- Are you using soft glow lamps or candles? Are there curtains? Are the walls a healing green or a soothing blue?
  • Smell- Are there scented candles burning? Do you prefer an essential oil diffuser with hints of lavender and ylang-ylang?
  • Taste- Do you have a warm pot of tea prepared? A bowl of decadent strawberries?  Fruit or cucumber infused water?Fuzzy Cushion
  • Touch- Maybe you have a warm wool throw or some soft, furry pillows? A cozy shag rug under your feet?
  • Sound – Is there soft, relaxing music playing? Bamboo chimes through an open window? A nature sound machine?

Close your eyes. Take the time to visualize your new favorite spot. Let it speak from your heart. What do you see? Write down your ideas and prepare to hand-select every item to create your own sacred space.

Are you excited? I’m excited for you! This is going to be the beginning of a renewed you.






Time for some rest & relaxation

Take your time making your new space perfect. Patience is a virtue. Preparing your new sacred space is relaxing in itself.

Once you have the all the right decor that speaks to you, now what? Well let me tell you… relax! Enjoy your space and unwind after a day of deadlines and chaos. If you have a loud household, wait until the kids are gone to bed. If you have a loud husband, get some noise-cancelling headphones.relaxing spa treatment

Your goal should be to spend at least 30 minutes a day in your new space. Read that book you’ve been putting off for months, listen to a new guided meditation on Spotify, put a hot towel on your face like they do at the spa and feel the tension dissipate, use your new yoga mat and stretch your aching muscles, just enjoy some time alone with yourself. This will become your new ritual.

It’s the dawn of a new day. A time for yourself in your sacred space.

Peace and blessings,


2 thoughts on “The Art of Creating Your Own Sacred Space”

  • What a fantastic rundown of how to set up a sacred space! I’m a long time meditator and self nurturer, and yet, I am still, after all of these years missing a sacred space. After reading this, I think I will absolutely have to get my act together and put one in place finally. You’ve laid out some really awesome ideas, thank you!

    • Hi there Josie,
      Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I really appreciate it. It honestly took quite a long time to discover my niche. I decided to sit in my sacred space and meditate on it, and voila! The insight I received was to create a website on exactly that! To share with people the importance of having a place of your own to rest and relax and be still. I hope it will inspire people to find their own healing path and hope to help in any way I could. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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